...on the mat! It's been a while, because life's been keeping me busy. But another YFN practice is here for you if you need to work some things out - mind, body, heart, and soul.  

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I really didn't feel like it. It was that time of the month, I was bloated, low-energy, and totally EXHAUSTED. But, I still made myself get up before sunrise so I could shoot this yoga video and still have time to do EVERYTHING ELSE I had to do that day.When I went to upload this yoga practice I realized how tired I looked and how winded I was. I'm always a little winded when teaching yoga because I'm still working on breath control and speaking while moving through physically demanding asanas. But as you know if you've joined me on the mat , my motto is: it's yoga PRACTICE, not yoga perfect.And now, I'm PERFECTLY OK WITH GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION...

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Today's yoga practice reminds us that there is grace in strength - in the ability to stand in discomfort, calm your mind, and grow stronger because of it. This power vinyasa flow builds a lot of upper and lower body strength, with a burst of abs at the end. More importantly, we'll move through a repetitive cardio flow that will keep your heart racing at a healthy pace, and keep your mind on the present moment. See you on the mat! Namaste.

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