O P H I N E is wielding the power of the philanthropic purchase to help liberate women and girls around the world from mental, emotional, and physical bondage caused by sexual exploitation and abuse. A percentage of the proceeds from every adornment in the O P H I N E Human Spirit Collection supports a charity committed to eradicating sexual violence of all variances, across the globe.   Every woman deserves to have complete ownership of her most precious possessions – her body, mind, and soul.  Yet, the oppression of women is likely the most pervasive and persistent problem hindering global socio-economic healing.

Growing up, I witnessed the traumatic toll sexual abuse can take on a victim,  their family, and their community. As a former English as a Second Language teacher of orphans in South Korea (many of them victims of sexual abuse), I gained a greater understanding of the importance of rehabilitation and education in empowering women to fight for and find their freedom.

O P H I N E's affirming adornments and charitable collections are tangible reminders that survivors of sexual abuse, and all women,  are divine beings deserving of love and respect.  At O P H I N E we want every woman and girl to know that she is a Goddess:  a being of incredible beauty and charm with the power to turn her battle scars into beauty marks.

- quisha - 

founder and designer of O P H I N E