M I L L I O N   M A L A   M O V E M E N T

 O P H I N E is wielding the power of the philanthropic purchase to help liberate women and girls around the world from mental, emotional, and physical bondage caused by sexual exploitation and abuse. When you shop OPHINE, a percentage of proceeds from the meaningful adornments in our collections support the MILLION MALA MOVEMENT©: a philanthropic initiative designed to inspire women and girl victims of sexual violence to use malas and movement through yoga, to cultivate mindfulness, and the motivation to create the life of their dreams. 

The MILLION MALA MOVEMENT© aims to supply malas, and personal instruction on how to use them, to at least 1 million women and girls across the globe who are survivors of sexual violence.  A mala is a strand of 109 beads (108 + 1 guru bead) used for keeping count of a repeated mantra during meditation. Malas have been used as meditation tools for thousands of years.  The non-religious ritual of repeating a mantra while counting mala beads helps to calm the mind and bring practitioners to a state of YOGA - union of mind, body, and soul.  Malas can be used for meditation only, or worn as a necklace or bracelet as a constant reminder and connection to the intentions they are used to instill/ impress without and within. Underprivileged women and girls who have suffered trauma due to sexual violence, may greatly benefit from the mindful, meditative practice of using a mala, as well as the healing movement of yoga. The MILLION MALA MOVEMENT© aspires to give these women and girls basic instruction on how to use a mala, as well as empower them to use mindful practices like meditation and yoga to become masters of their own destinies.

The oppression of women and girls is likely the most pervasive and persistent problem hindering global socio-economic healing. The mission of the MILLION MALA MOVEMENT© is to help change that. Every woman deserves to know the power of her most precious possessions – her body, mind, and soul.

- quisha - 
founder and designer of O P H I N E