T H E   B R A N D

OPHINE is yoga-inspired jewelry and accessories, for a balanced, beautiful life. The talismans of transformation that include OPHINE’s signature Crystal Screw® mantra bracelets and minimal malas form the soul of the brand, while pretty periphery pieces including ravishing rings, relaxing eye pillows, and regal zodiac necklaces, form the heart. Each design is carefully crafted with love in Bali, Indonesia. Essentially every quality, handmade OPHINE adornment pulsates with incredible heart and soul – just like YOU.

T H E   D E S I G N E R

Hello! My name is Quisha, and I'm so honored to create beautiful adornments to affirm and empower you along your life's journey. I'm a jewelry designer and Certified Yoga Guide, combining my passion for both practices in what OPHINE is today. OPHINE garners its' name from my once, very stylish grandmother who genetically gifted me a truly unique flair for fashion. The OPHINE brand is an artistic extension of that inherited impulse to seek out beautiful things and style them in a way that is powerful, poetic, and personal. As a yogi, it's only natural that my passion for finding and fashioning beauty, would align with my persistent pursuit of inner peace, to inform my life's work. OPHINE creations are purposefully designed to heighten inner-beauty awareness by adorning the body with exalting accessories. 

From as early as I can remember, I was a designer. As a shy, introverted, eccentric kid, I took refuge in my imagination, where I could consciously curate my life and sift through the good and bad to find beauty. My favorite thing to design was my look. My hair and clothes were personal works of art to me. I was a thrift store queen, and I had a gift for reworking and repurposing the discarded treasures I found. I used to make major alterations and literally seam clothes with safety pins because I didn’t know how to sew! I used eye shadow to put highlights in my hair. I took the flower tops off of my mom’s floral arrangements to embellish my ripped jeans. I made jewelry from broken Christmas tree ornaments and crayons I melted in the oven. I just wanted to look and feel beautiful, and as a child with no real income, I used whatever I could around me to make that happen. But my look was just the façade of my real home – which was in my mind.

My biggest design job was the interior design: how I arranged the complicated and heavy emotions of growing up with a terminally ill parent in an unstable family structure. My mother, through her battle with breast cancer, was my biggest design influence. Seeing her stripped of her breasts after two mastectomies, and still standing in strength, gratitude, and grace is where I learned to find beauty in brokenness. Watching my mom take her last breath set the tone for how I design my life, and my business, to this day: I have a deep, soulful understanding that each moment is a gift, tomorrow is not promised, there is beauty lurking in even the darkest corners, and there is no better time than NOW to live the life of your dreams. And that is why I have the courage to show up with my unique gifts – my mind, body, and soul adornments - and remind others just how absolutely precious their life is. My mom’s nickname for me was Goosie Girl, I think because she knew her ugly duckling could grow up to be a swan: she knew in her heart that her shy, socially awkward, artistic, eccentric daughter would use every ounce of pain and pleasure in her experience to design a wonderful life and become a passionate, benevolent, purveyor of beauty in the world.
- quisha -
founder and designer of OPHINE