W H E N   L I F E   G I V E S   Y O U   C O A L S   

L O O K   F O R   T H E   D I A M O N D S   

You are truly a GEM: like a diamond in the rough, through life’s pressures, becoming stronger and more beautifully formed. You are not polished to perfection, and yet you are still a stunning soul at your core.

Shining a light on that simple truth is why I design jewelry. It is what informs my creative decision to not only embrace, but celebrate, the blemished beauty in the jewels I find, and the designs I create. OPHINE’s bespoke designs, in all their perfect imperfection, reflect the unique, complex, and unmatched 


We are all just diamonds being formed. Every magical moment of our lives, no matter how painful or pleasurable, molds us into who we are, and who we are becoming. One of the biggest influences on who I've become as a person and designer was my mother. By watching her stand in strength, gratitude, and grace throughout her battle with breast cancer, I learned to find beauty in brokenness. I gained a deep, soulful understanding that each moment is a gift, tomorrow is not promised, there is beauty lurking in even the darkest corners, and there is no better time than NOW to live the life of your dreams.

And that is why I have the courage to show up with my unique gifts: mind-body-soul adornments designed to remind you just how absolutely precious and perfectly imperfect you are/your life is. OPHINE is here to empower you to show up as a singular, stunning beauty, share your special gifts, and inspire others to do the same! It is through that radical self-acceptance, service, and love, that you can create the life of your dreams!

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Hello! My name is Quisha, but OPHINE garners its name from my once, very stylish grandmother who genetically gifted me a truly unique flair for fashion. The OPHINE brand is an artistic extension of that inherited impulse to seek out beautiful things and style them in a way that is powerful, poetic, and personal. As a certified yoga guide, and self-proclaimed purveyor of beauty, most of my designs are informed by a persistent pursuit of inner peace and magical mindfulness, which allow us to become even more of our beautiful selves. OPHINE creations are purposefully designed to heighten inner beauty awareness and radical self-love and acceptance,  by adorning the body with exalting accessories. 


OPHINE is one-and-only jewelry that (outwardly) reflects your unique inner beauty, light, and magic.  The empowering adornments that make up OPHINE’s signature Morse Code Mantra and One-Of-A-Kind Ring Collections form the soul of the brand, while pretty, periphery pieces including stunning hand-stamped bracelets and sparkling earrings, form the heart. All OPHINE adornments amplify the awesome beauty that lives in the balance between perfect and imperfect, dark and light, good and bad, life and death. OPHINE jewelry juxtaposes rugged and smooth textures, precious and practical gemstones, perfect and imperfect lines, to achieve that unique balance that creates the beauty of our lives.   Essentially, every unique, quality, handmade OPHINE adornment pulsates with incredible heart, soul, charm, and beauty – just like YOU.