L O V E story

A L L  W E  N E E D  I S  L O V E

Shining a light on that simple truth is why I design jewelry. It is what informs my creative decision to not only embrace, but celebrate, the blemished beauty in the designs I create, and the people they adorn. OPHINE’s unique, yoga-inspired adornments, in all their perfect imperfection, are designed to inspire you to love your life and yourself, unconditionally.

My mother, who loved me unconditionally, was one of the biggest influences on who I've become as a person and designer. By watching her stand in strength, gratitude, and grace throughout her battle with breast cancer, I learned to love life, unconditionally. I developed a deep, heartfelt dexterity for finding beauty in ‘brokenness’. I witnessed my mother go through not 1, but 2 mastectomies. She lost what supposedly defined her feminine beauty. And yet, she was still so stunning to all the people she loved, especially me. She was proof that beauty is so much more than skin deep. And so, as a child, I learned that when we look for beauty through the lens of love, we can see it, unconditionally.

Now, as a jewelry designer, I long to inspire others to see themselves and their lives through the lens of love. We are beautiful, not in spite of, but because of our flaws.

OPHINE is here to empower you to show up as the singular, stunning beauty you are, love yourself completely, and shine your unique light of love on the world, unconditionally.

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Hello! My name is Quisha, but OPHINE garners its name from my once, very stylish grandmother who genetically gifted me a truly unique flair for fashion. The OPHINE brand is an artistic extension of that inherited impulse to seek out beautiful things and style them in a way that is powerful, poetic, and personal. As a certified yoga guide, and self-proclaimed purveyor of beauty, most of my designs are informed by a persistent pursuit of mind-body-spirit connection, which allows us to become even more of our beautiful selves. A big part of my life journey has been finding my way to self-love and acceptance. They say that we teach what we need to learn. Likewise, I design what I most need to discern: the path to positive transformation and loving myself and others, unconditionally.


OPHINE is yoga-inspired jewelry for a balanced, beautiful life. All OPHINE adornments bolster the body-mind-spirit connection that defines yoga, and that is essential for fostering love without and within. OPHINE jewelry juxtaposes rugged and smooth textures, precious and practical gemstones, and perfect and imperfect lines, reflecting the contrast that creates the beauty in the people and things we love. OPHINE’s signature symbolism collections include chakra malas and mantra rings that form the soul of the brand. Precious, one-of-a-kind pieces form the heart, and are called “love” in different tongues, as love is the language we all speak.  Essentially, every handmade OPHINE adornment is a talisman of transformation designed to to inspire radical self-love and acceptance in women ascending into higher purpose, bigger dreams, and greater love, unconditionally.