I really didn't feel like it. It was that time of the month, I was bloated, low-energy, and totally EXHAUSTED. But, I still made myself get up before sunrise so I could shoot this yoga video and still have time to do EVERYTHING ELSE I had to do that day.
When I went to upload this yoga practice I realized how tired I looked and how winded I was. I'm always a little winded when teaching yoga because I'm still working on breath control and speaking while moving through physically demanding asanas. But as you know if you've joined me on the mat , my motto is: it's yoga PRACTICE, not yoga perfect.

And now, I'm PERFECTLY OK WITH GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION to apply that same concept to life in general. Yes, productivity, consistency, and persistence are important. But it's also suuuper important to REST sometimes. In fact, every yoga practice ends in Savasana - final resting pose.

This year has had a tremendous amount of ups and downs - which is all good when it comes to spiritual growth. But I'm mentally exhausted, and I just want to take a break from social media for a bit. I'm giving myself permission to engage or disengage as much as I need to over the next few weeks, and I encourage you to DO THE SAME if you need to.

So, this is GOODBYE for now. But first, join me on the mat for this final practice of the year.  After that, I'll be resting up so hopefully I radiate more love and light next year!

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  • Jim

    Loved the video 20 minutes went by so fast.

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