Alright stop, collaborate, and listen.;)
I got to visit the Tegalalong Rice Terraces in Ubud, Bali, and well, this is ONE HEAP LOAD OF CARBS you should definitely avoid.
Don't get me wrong, the rice terraces are BEEEAUTIFUL (I'll be posting some more pics at some point), but the ORDEAL of seeing them is such a tourist trap.
First, you have to pay to "enter".  Then as soon as you enter, you have to give a "donation".  And about every hundred feet or so after that, there is a MAN UNDER A LITTLE SHED asking you for another "donation".  It just felt so manipulative, and I would prefer to just pay a little more green to enter so that I can simply enjoy the gorgeous green terraces without interference once I enter.
So, what I'm saying is, I DON'T RECOMMEND these rice terraces, as there are pleeenty of AH-MAZING rice terraces in Bali that you can visit, and view, and value for FREE.
And juuust in case anyone was wondering, YES, this is my VANILLA ICE Bun;)

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