Observe the dogs of Bali.  They literally give less than zero fucks about anything you would expect any living being to be at least a teeeeny bit concerned with - like STAYING ALIVE AND NOT GETTING KILLED for example.
The dogs here have a cat-like sense of conceited carelessness that is unmatched.  Most of them are wild, or abandoned, and they hang in packs.  And there are PACKS AND PACKS of them.  They roam these streets like they own these streets - and well, they kinda do.  They get major respect in terms of being able to stroll or lay wherever they want undeterred.
I've seen dogs literally chilling in the middle of traffic like "I DARE YOU to even graze a nail on my pretty little paw".  I've seen dogs cross like 8 lanes of motorbikes like they are on a runway.  I've been headed toward a dog full-speed ahead on my bicycle, bell ringing and all, and it DOES NOT MOVE.  Sometimes they start racing me on my bike, and I'm like "Dude, we are not racing!  You are like the size of a peanut trying to pass me!".  Or they just walk up to me and stand there like "PET ME NOW, I know you want to".  I don't however, even though it's really hard not to, because i'm afraid of getting rabies.  I don't know how serious the threat is, but I am not trying to find out.
The dog situation here is out of control, as a lot of them are sick and there's just sooooo many roaming around looking for food.  I think I've seen almost every breed of dog there is here.  There are a lot of animal advocates working to heal the situation, and I hope it gets better.
Meanwhile, Bali's baddest bitches are doing whatever they doggone please.

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