Let’s talk about SEX…I mean, SALAD.  sorry, sorry, I’m just a little excited by the orgasmic organic, vegan, fresh, super delicious food available at little more than a pretty penny here in Bali.  It’s so easy to eat GOOD healthy, whole foods here, without spending your whole paycheck.  From the local restaurants, called warungs, you can get a big bowl of veggies and tofu and rice for less than one dollar.  Granted, the warungs usually have a whole-in-the-wall type feel, and if you look too hard at what’s happening in the kitchen, you wont’ want to eat there - but hey, sometimes a little food-fear adds to the flavor.  

But the amount of amazing food choices here is truly priceless.  The scrumptious salad pictured here, made with all sorts of heavenly healthy stuff only cost around $4 - and that is pushing expensive in Bali.  And it only cost that much because it’s on the menu of a non-local restaurant, with a nice ambiance, etc.  You can very easily have a fine dining experience for $5-$15.  There are more affordable vegan options here per square mile than anywhere I’ve lived in the USA, including conscientiously conceited Los Angeles.  Bali definitely suits my palate and my purse more than any place I’ve lived to date, or should I say, to taste;).

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