One of the most beautiful experiences I've had in Bali so far, and as an emerging Yogi:), was being a part of an Agni Hotra.  It's a sacred, ancient FIRE (Agni) HEALING (Hotra) ceremony where specially ordained Hindu preists chant Sanskrit mantras and make OFFERINGS of ghee, grains, and fruits to invoke BLESSINGS of health and abundance.  Everyone partaking in this powerful ritual are invited to join the priests at specific times to also throw rice into the fire, to kindle the DIVINE LIGHT being called upon. On this night, in addition to offerings of rice, we were asked to write down things we want to let go of, and things we want to attract, and put those statements into the fire as well.  It was a process of igniting our SPIRITUAL CONNECTION and awareness, as well as purification and healing.  It felt like pure FREEDOM and LOVE.

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