meaning everyone has a public and private persona, whether they recognize it, or not.
Since arriving here, I've had several people say to me that everyone who comes to Bali is running from something - or some version of that.  I don't think that's true, but I can say that I'm developing a keen awareness of how Bali can be an attractive place for people MASKING MENTAL ILLNESS or deep psychological issues with spirituality and enlightenment.  The reverberating spiritual ritual and energy of the core culture here, makes wearing this mask of mindfulness to cover mental malaise very easy to do.
And by mental malaise, I mean an almost delusional unawareness or unwillingness to recognize that there are any emotional or psychological hurts to be healed.  I've had a few encounters, FOR EXAMPLE, with people almost bragging about their spiritual detox while drowning themselves in alcohol: THAT DRINK JUST DOES.NOT.MIX. Period. Lol.
However, the beauty of it all - and I ALWAYS FIND THE BEAUTY of it all - is that there are also a lot of people here really engaged in becoming THE BEST PEOPLE they can be.  I am one of those people - wherever I am in the world - issues and all.


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