Forgive the blurry image, but I took it while riding the bus down a highway in Dubai, on my way to work. The bright cluster of color you see on the edge is a group of men praying. This is a common sight in Dubai: Muslims so devoted to their religion that when prayer time arrives, they stop whatever they are doing to pray – even if it means pulling over to the side of a 5 lane highway in the middle of the desert. THAT is devotion.

What are you utterly devoted to: Your health, your happiness, your husband? Devotion means more than commitment, it means sacrifice: when you are devoted to someone or some practice, your are willing to sacrifice your own comfort or convenience to maintain that connection. It only makes sense then, that we devote ourselves to the people and practices that hold the utmost importance and value to us. I am devoted to my spiritual awakening, fulfilling my purpose on this planet, and building a life and business that I love. I have sacrificed the “security” of a nine-to-five job, and the steady income and steady access to little luxuries that usually come with that – like health insurance. I have sacrificed my social life, some of my savings, and a lot of emotional energy to withstand the challenges, risks, failures, and rejections that can come with starting and growing a business.

But the reward has been so much greater than any sacrifice because I have no regrets – well maybe that I’d believed in myself a lot more in the past, and even now, and not been so hard on myself, or given any weight to other people’s opinions. But I can only move forward from where I am now, and trust that it’s all a part of a greater purpose. So yeah, no regrets;).

When you devote yourself to whatever it is that speaks to your heart – your dreams, you can step out on a faith that is not religious necessarily, but divine for sure. So what moves you so completely that you would be compelled to pull off the busy highway of life to give your utmost focus and attention to it?

It’s prayer time.

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