I’m happy to admit that I’ve done some crazy stuff in my life, but never did I think I’d go for being BURIED ALIVE.  


As part of YOGA training, our MENTAL FITNESS was put to the test with this exercise in focus and breath control.  This process is called Bokashi Therapy.  First, you get a deep massage focusing on various acupressure points, chakras, etc.  Then you are buried in HOT soil that has medicinal qualities.  The soil is fermented with microorganisms that create a NATURAL HEAT between 50-70 degrees.   This special soil is said to draw out toxins and induce a lot of healing energies in the body by stimulating the nervous system and increasing blood circulation.  Think of it as a SOIL SAUNA, but with more health benefits.  Similar to a sauna, you can only stay buried for 30 minutes maximum. 


I was the LAST ONE LAYING among my classmates, as they couldn’t STAND the heat lol.  After about 5 minutes my bum and heels started to BURN.  The soil feels super heavy on top of your body, and your HANDS AND FEET ARE FULLY ENCLOSED in a breathable jumpsuit, so if you’re even the slightest bit claustrophobic, this is NOT FOR YOU.  I’m not claustrophobic generally speaking, but I really had to control my thoughts as my mind wanted to PANIC - I was very hot, I couldn’t move, and some qbasic SURVIVAL INSTINCTS began to kick in.


My heart started to race.  That’s where my YOGA PRACTICE came in.  I had to control my BREATH, which in turn helped control my mind, and vice versa. I reminded myself to take full deep breaths, and that I was SAFE.  I would engage my core to lift my bum and  just a few millimeters every now and then, to get relief from the heat without disturbing the dirt.  I focused my thoughts on relaxing visualizations that slowed my heartbeat.  I SURVIVED.  And it was another AWE-MAZING experience, that despite being buried alive, I’ve lived to talk about;).


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