This is Angelique.  She is a cow, as you can probably see lol, that lives at a yoga studio. Her official name is "HEAD MEDITATOR," and she even has a sign on her pen that says so. During training, I would have my BREAKFAST in one of the HAMMOCKS outside the studio, and sometimes she'd be tied to a tree nearby. So, I would SHARE the savory scraps from my breakfast with her - usually watermelon rind and banana peels.  Most mornings, I would either walk over to where she was to pet her and feed her, and sometimes, if we were both lucky, her rope was just the right length for me to lay lazily in my hammock while SHE GRABBED HER GRUB from my fingertips.
One oh so particular morning however, HER ROPE WAS MUCH LONGER THAN I REALIZED.  I had not even started to eat my breakfast - same old watermelon slice and bananas - before she sauntered over to sniff my bag. She knew what was coming and SHE DID NOT WANT TO WAIT.  She PINNED ME DOWN in the hammock with her head - which literally weighs as much as me, trying to sniff my bag. her drool was all over me and I couldn't move.  I started to get sliiiiightly nervous because she wouldn't let up and her horns are huge and sharp and they were dangerously close to my face while she was trying to bury her nose into my bag and body.  She's actually HEAD-BUTTED and injured people that she didn't like before - like left them badly BRUISED with sprained body parts, so although  SHE LIKES ME as far as I know, I didn't want any part of me to end up looking like a pack of GROUND BEEF.  I called out for HELP, and finally a teacher came out and was able to lure her away with a coconut.  We're still friends, but I now know that FOOD IS HER BESTIE, and I will be careful to never come between those two again.

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