HAM: THROAT CHAKRA, Chakra Tones Morse Code Bracelet
HAM: THROAT CHAKRA, Chakra Tones Morse Code Bracelet
HAM: THROAT CHAKRA, Chakra Tones Morse Code Bracelet
HAM: THROAT CHAKRA, Chakra Tones Morse Code Bracelet

HAM: THROAT CHAKRA, Chakra Tones Morse Code Bracelet

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G E M S  A S  P R E C I O U S  A S  Y O U
crafted with quality, thoughtfully sourced materials
  • this handmade adornment features 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain and gemstones and  beads that represent the dots and dashes of the Morse Code alphabet
  • gold filled is the highest quality precious metal option next to 100% solid gold
  • gold filled and sterling silver can be worn all day, everyday, with virtually no risk of tarnishing
  • every order includes a chakra tone meaning card
  • all gemstones are 100% natural and conflict-free
  • handcrafted with heart and soul♥︎

 M E A N I N G F U L  &  E M P O W E R I N G

one of the most important keys to a happy and healthy life is balance. and one of the most effective ways to achieve balance of mind, body, and soul is through meditating with focus on your energy centers, or chakras. the OPHINE Chakra Tones bracelet will help you be mindful of keeping your energy centers balanced, every time you wear it. the Chakra Tones bracelet expresses through Morse Code the gemstone, and audible tone, associated with each of the 7 chakras. each chakra effects various aspects of our physical and emotional experience. choose the chakra that needs the most alignment, set your intention to bring about more balance in that area of your life, and look forward to experiencing the magic of mindfulness. 
  • the Chakra Tones bracelet expresses through Morse Code the gemstone and audible tone associated with each of the 7 sacred chakras:

HAM (turquoise) - sound of the throat chakra - communication, self-expression, divine guidance

  • the gemstones represent the dots, and the dashes are gold-filled or sterling silver
  • stunning and unique morse code designs allow you to express yourself in a way that is subtle, yet stylish
  • only you, or the person you gift this beloved adornment to, will know the special message being shared
  • words are sacred: they are the cherished means by which we express our deepest, most intimate thoughts and feelings with those we love. but more important than what you say, is how you say it.  when you Say It In Code®, you say it in style.

choose the following options from the drop-down menu when you place your order

  • metal options - 14k gold filled or. sterling silver
  • size - chain length 

G I F T  R E A D Y
every order comes in a pretty pillow box to cradle your precious OPHINE adornment, on the rare occasion that it's not adorning your body. a handwritten postcard is also included, and sent to you with loads of love from beautiful Bali, Indonesia!


  • chain - 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, or sterling silver
  • delicate dimensions - the beads are approximately 1-1.5mm

P O L I C I E S  &  P R O D U C T I O N  T I M E
please visit the support  page for more info on how to care for your adornment, as well as information about shipping, returns, and production time. 

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