ROOT Chakra Mala
ROOT Chakra Mala
ROOT Chakra Mala
ROOT Chakra Mala
ROOT Chakra Mala
ROOT Chakra Mala

ROOT Chakra Mala

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L O V E  S T O R Y
your style tells your story
  • this incredibly beautiful and meaningful ROOT CHAKRA MALA features a handmade gold or silver pendant, adorned with the crown chakra symbol on the front, and the hand-stamped crown chakra mantra and affirmation on the back.
  • each chakra is said to affect various aspects of your physical and emotional energy, and is associated with an audible tone or mantra, and affirmation.
root chakra
-tone/mantra: lam
-affirmation: I am
-energy: stability, comfort, safety, groundedness, confidence, identity
  • one of the most important keys to a happy and healthy life is balance. and one of the most effective ways to achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit is through meditating with focus on your energy centers, or chakras. this OPHINE CHAKRA MALA will empower you to be mindful of keeping your energy centers balanced, every time you wear it or use it.
  • this mala design is unique because the rudraksha beads are slightly smaller than the traditional size used for malas, giving it a more minimal and less bulky look and feel
  • may this necklace also remind you that when you look at yourself and your life through the lens of love, you will always find beauty

H E A R T I L Y  H A N D M A D E
crafted with quality, thoughtfully sourced materials

a mala is more than just a pretty necklace or bracelet. it's a meditation tool that could take your mindfulness practice to the next level of peace and power!   

OPHINE'S chakra malas are carefully handcrafted using traditional Japa mala-making techniques. Each meaningful mala consists of 109 beads (108 + 1 guru bead) used for keeping count of a repeated mantra during meditation. The various tassel colors represent the colors of the 7 major chakras, and a few neutral colors. The beads are rudraksha seeds from the, rudraksha tree, which is considered sacred in Vedic and yoga traditions. In Sanskrit, "rudraksha" means "the teardrops of Shiva". Shiva is a Vedic deity who is said to have meditated on, and cried for the end of suffering for all living beings. According to ancient Vedic texts, Shiva's tears turned into rudraksha seeds.

Thus, it is said that rudraksha beads assist with ascending on the path to higher consciousness. Malas have been used as meditation tools for thousands of years, dating back to before the 8th century B.C.  Malas are not specific to any one religion or belief system, but rather, mediation. Repeating a mantra while counting mala beads helps to focus and calm the mind, while bringing practitioners to a state of YOGA - union of mind, body, and soul. 

L O V E  I S  I N  T H E  D E T A I L S
specifics for this adornment

  • mala pendant - approximately 20mm
  • personalize it - available in 18k gold plated or silver plated, with blackening or without
  • Natural, dye-free rudraksha beads
  • hand-stamped chakra tone and affirmation - 'LAM'; 'I AM'

S H A R E  T H E  L O V E
gift ready

  • every order comes in a pretty pillow box to cradle your precious OPHINE adornment, on the rare occasion that it's not adorning your body.
  • a handwritten postcard is also included, and sent to you with loads of love from beautiful Bali, Indonesia!

H A V E  A  H E A R T
caring for your jewelry

  • cultivate a lasting love with your new adornment, and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, oils, and water
  • please visit the support  page for more info on how to care for your adornment

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policies & production time

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