TODAY I taught my first SOLO class.  It was free of charge of course, as I need to spend the next several months practicing.  Up until about 8 minutes before the class started, I thought no one would show. Suddenly the room filled with about 20 SMILING yogis. My heart was ELATED. I was SO grateful for the chance and privilege to guide them through a practice, just as much as I was guiding myself toward courage and calm.  In honor of the FULL MOON we had just last night, I dedicated the practice to this very simple TRUTH:
Like the MOON, no matter what PHASE (of life, love, career, relationship, etc.) you are in, YOU ARE WHOLE, complete, GLOWING, and absolutely enough.
Today I am sure that on the unaccompanied journey is where you GROW your WINGS.
I’ve got a long way to go, glow, and grow, but my gratitude for the experience journeys just as far.

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