I truly believe that the oppression of women is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving global socio-economic healing. With Independence Day just around the corner, it's a great time to reflect and act on our liberties as women of (mostly) free societies.  I'm not just speaking to American women, but women across the globe that enjoy political, cultural, and religious freedom of choice:  women that have full autonomy over how they live their lives from education, to fashion, to relationships, to health, to business and beyond.  The fact that I am able to even write a post like this is a privilege that many women do not have.  I read some powerful words recently that really enhanced my gratitude, and my desire to live a life of purpose:  "The things you complain about, someone else is praying for".  Stop and think about that.  While women in the "free" world are fighting for better treatment and pay in the workplace, there are millions of women out there who wish they had the freedom to work in the same spaces and occupations as men.  This is not to say that one fight is less important than the other, but to point out that the battle is not won until we can ALL lay down our burdens with autonomous abandonment.  I invite you to use this Independence Day as a benchmark moment to assess and address how you can use your life of liberty to expand the freedoms and human rights of others. You don't have to quit your job and start a non-profit organization, but you can support charities that champion causes you care about, or volunteer, or be kind and encouraging to someone who needs it.  Making a lasting, positive difference on this planet is always more simple, and fulfilling, than we think.  The important thing is that as Ladies of Liberty, we think of it as our responsibility. 

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