This moment was so stunning, yet surreal. It was STUNNING because, well, just look at this beautiful baby boy, beyond content to simply sit on the edge of the ocean, alone, effortlessly enchanted by the shallow waves of water and sand washing over his tiny hands and feet. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It was SURREAL because the moment I saw him, it was like TIME STOPPED, and everything around me disappeared except him, the beach, the clouds, and the beauty of it all. He looks like a fat little deity dropped straight from HEAVEN. I mean, I was standing pretty far away when I captured this photo, and it looks like there’s NO ONE there except him and me. It felt so special, like a precious gift from the universe allowing me to really feel what it’s like to be fully PRESENT. I felt as BLISSFUL as I imagine that baby boy felt. I could only stand there and SMILE.
Eventually a BIGGER little boy came running toward us out of the water with a huge smile, soaking in salt, YOUTH, and sunshine. He snapped me out of my TRANCE. I asked if he was his big brother and he said yes, so proudly. I tickled the baby boy’s tiny feet and he barely noticed me, so serenely watching the slow surf and sand. But when it comes to beauty, I am always NOTICING.

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