a  G O D D E S S  is 

a woman of incredible beauty and charm.


that, my friend, is YOU.  GODDESS GOALS is a blog about bravely becoming the incredibly intelligent and insightful, gorgeous and generous, powerful and purposeful, clever and compassionate beings we were born to be.  becoming our greatest selves is a never-ending journey, and I would love to share it with you.  throughout our lives we are constantly growing and learning from the things we experience in the world within, and the world without.  here i will be sharing how i'm learning to find purpose, pleasure, and possibility in those worlds, with the hope that we can both grow from the experience.  we'll chat about all things enlightening and empowering regarding the mind, body, and soul:  social and self awareness, love, travel, philanthropy, health, fashion, and really whatever our divine hearts desire.  every other monday, you'll be able to access my motivational vlog called MANIFEST MONDAYS here as well.  please comment and share your stories  as well.  GODDESS GOALS is meant to be a conversation - an exchange of positive energy, support, and encouragement.  hopefully you'll be inspired to lift any veils of fear, worry, or doubt between you and  your dreams, and create the life you want:  because you deserve it, because you can, because YOU ARE A GODDESS.

with grattitude


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